"I have been ten days in this temple
and my heart is restless.
The scarlet thread of lust at my feet
has reached up long.
If someday you come looking for me,
I will be in a shop that sells fine seafood,
a good drinking place,
or a brothel."

- Ikkyu.

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 307353 28th July 2014

"Only you could
take up so much space
inside my heart
and still leave it so empty."

   ~   Pavana पवन
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 1169 28th July 2014
 69292 27th July 2014

"I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.’"

   ~   Toni Morrison, 1993 Nobel Laureate in Literature (via pablobanila)

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 23520 27th July 2014

"It’s not about the words. It’s about the memories lost inside the words."

   ~   Virginia Woolf, from Selected Letters (via c-ovet)

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 1394 27th July 2014
 443 26th July 2014